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AARP coverage for Alaska residents aged between 50 and 64

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As one gradually crosses the age of 50, physical vulnerability shoots up and it is almost like an unsaid rule that you must buy health coverage. In the United States, senior citizens have several sources to offer them coverage but the one that reigns supreme is definitely the American Association of Retired Persons. Having started during the 1940ís under the tutelage of one of the most respected educators of modern America, Dr. Ethyl Percy Andrus, AARP today stands as the symbol of financial strength and the mark of social responsibility. Its activities are not only centered around health products and services but also on the upliftment of various communities. AARP coverage is spread over almost every state.

In Alaska residents between age 50 and 64 can choose from various products on offer including AARP Essential Premier Health Insurance, AARP Essential Plus Health Insurance, AARP Essential Health Insurance and Hospital Indemnity Insurance. In the Essential Premier Health section you have access to Premier plans, Preventive and Hospital Care plans and plans that can be paired with a Health Savings Account.

Premier plans are ideal for people looking for an affordable option to pay for medical and prescription costs. There are three deductible choices of $1500, $2500 and $5000. On the $1500 plan, once you meet your deductible, you pay 20% co- insurance when inside the network and when outside it, pay 40%. Co- pay choices for prescription drugs are $15, $25 and $40. The prescription drug deductible is $250 for individuals and $500 for families. The monthly premium is set at $538. For the $2500 plan, the coinsurance figure stays at 20% for in- network and 40% for out-network. There are three co- pay choices for prescription drugs- $15, $25 and $40.For prescription coverage, individuals pay a deductible of $500 and families $1000. The monthly premium is set at $454. For the $5000 deductible plan while all the other figures (stated here) stay the same, the premium drops down to $326.

For Preventive and Hospital Care plans you can choose from two available deductibles of $1250 and $3000. In both the former and latter co- insurance stays at 20% for in- network and 40% for out- network. As for the premiums, the $1250 deductible plan demands $318 while the $3000 plan charges $219. The latter can also be combined with an HSA. The high deductible plan range has two options- one where an individual has to pay $3000 as deductible and the other where he or she needs to shell out $5000. For both plans, in- network co- insurance is clocked at 0% and out- network at 40%. Whereas you pay a premium of $377 for the $3000 high deductible plan, you pay $323 for the other.

In case of Essential Plus Health Insurance there are three layers of coverage where you need to pay three different deductibles each for surgical services, medical procedures and mental health care. For surgery the three deductible choices are $900, $1200 and $1500, for medical procedures they are $600, $900 and $1200 and for mental health they are $300, $500 and $800. Please note that you need to pay the amount on the first day of each visit or stay.

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