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AARP health coverage for Arkansas residents aged between 50 and 64

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If United States has seen any organization that is comparable in dimension to the Catholic Church then it has got be the American Association of Retired Persons. In fact according to demographics, the latter comes second to the former. With a base of more than 33 million members, the organization is the ideal source of health coverage for people aged 50 and above. Having originated during the decade of the 1940ís, AARP has actively involved itself in the creation of unique health insurance products despite its non- profit status. The present success of the company can be ascribed to the genius of the one woman behind it- Dr. Ethyl Percy Andrus. What had its beginnings as the National Retired Teachers Association today is responsible for health coverage in almost every state in America.

In case youíre living in Arkansas, there are several plans available for access. First comes the Essential Premier range of plans. These plans are divided into Premier, Preventive and Hospital Care and High Deductible sections. In the Premier section, you can choose from three deductibles of $1500, $3000 and $5000. For all the plans, the coinsurance level is set at 20% for in- network services and 40% for out- network ones. Deductible values double if you choose to venture out of the given network or opt for a plan meant for the entire family. In the Preventive and Hospital Care section, you can choose from a deductible of either $1250 or $3000. For the $1250 plan, the maximum in- network co- insurance an individual pays is $2500, while a family has to shell out $5000. Premium for this plan is fixed at $201. The $3000 Preventive and Hospital Care plan can be combined with a Health Savings Account. For in- network services, the maximum co- insurance an individual pays is $2000 and a family pays is $4000. For this plan, you need to pay a premium of $138. The High Deductible plan offers two deductible choices of $3000 and $5000. For the $3000 plan you pay $240 and for the $5000 one you need to fork out $205.

As per your needs, you could even opt for a plan from the Essential Plus range. There are three levels of coverage in this case. Surgical procedure deductibles range between $900 and $1500 across the different coverage levels. Similarly medical procedures range between $600 and $1200. Please note that the deductible amount, in both cases, needs to be paid on the very first day of each occurrence or stay.

Four different levels of coverage pertain if youíre opting for the Essential range of plans. Benefits covered range from emergency room services and lab tests to surgery benefits.

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