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AARP health insurance for Washington residents aged between 50 and 64

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AARP has been the leader in providing supplemental health insurances across the nation since last 40 years. AARP Services is a subsidiary of AARP and operates successfully in the state of Washington. And American Association of Retired Persons with more than 39 million members has tailored innovative health insurance solutions in Washington. In this particular state AARP offers different plans for people of all ages besides catering the elders between the age group of 50 and 64 years.

Through constant innovative approaches this non-profit organization attempts to facilitate attractive services for the people since we grow older, we become more and more inclined towards health hazards. The claim policy of AARP is hassle free and high standard of customer service helps them to prevail successfully.

In the sate of Washington the offers bring opportunities to the people to be well aware of the various Medicare and Medigap schemes along with the solutions. Especially in Washington, AARP members get the choice of receiving hearing care solutions. With a wider range of flexible products and customized offers the organization takes care of thousands of the people suffering from hearing problems.

There are principally four principle categories of health insurance options tailored by AARP which are provided in the various states. The specially designed healthcare programs that are offered across Washington are indeed unique and it has attended high acceptance.

The new hearing program from AARP will include state-of-the-art technologies, an extended warranty, battery supplies, and aural rehabilitation, consultation with the patient and family, and cost savings. Recently the program has been already rescheduled and as a result they will be available from the first few days of the fourth quarter of 2008.

It is prudent to take a quick glimpse of the different Health insurances from AARP:

The Essential Premier Health Insurance consist three types of health insurance plans.

The first one is meant for the people seeking prescription drug coverage. It is a flexible offer with changeable in- network and out- network medical services. In addition there exists three deductible options; these options are of $1500, $2500 and $5000 respectively. High deductibles remain in case of third party deductibles and it can be combined with HSA or Health Savings Account. Along with these, tax saving plans with deductibles of $3000 and $5000 are also obtainable.

Essential Plus Health Insurance is not at all related major medical coverage. But in case of hospitalization it is possible to enjoy alluring rates. In association with the providers who operates with AARP, these special rates are availed. Apart from the other plans offered by AARP, the Essential Health Insurance plan is much different.

AARP’s Indemnity plan

The Indemnity plan is designed with fixed rates for the members and the hospital services are fully covered here. Also there are several medical products available at discounts through different networks within AARP. AARP is committed to provide extraordinary processes and the enhanced Hospital Indemnity Insurance plans.

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