Annual registration phase for Medicare Advantage Plans

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The Medicare Advantage Plans is now available for all the customers who wish to get it. This is however under the Medicare Group of services. This article lets people know about it and also informs them of when they can register for such plans of Medicare.

What the Medicare Advantage Plans actually is?

Medicare has now launched its special wing of plans for its customers, which is popularly called as the Medicare Advantage Plans. However, just like the services as provided by the common plans of Medicare, the Advantage plans also offer similar services. The only point of difference between the normal plans of Medicare with the Advantage Plans is that, the latter one is provided by private health insurance organizations. Also, the Advantage plans are found to offer some extra services that are not been provided by the normal plans of Medicare. This may be like that some of the Advantage plans may cover part of the expenses for buying prescription drugs.

In case, you pay for it then few of the Medicare Advantage plans can also provide you cover for visiting any doctors or health clinics of your choice. But such services may not be available with each and every Advantage plans.

Registration phase of Medicare Advantage Plans

Customers will be allowed to enroll for the Medicare Advantage plans or to swap to these plans from other plans of Medicare, every year from January 1 till March 31. However, one should be kept in mind that users of Medicare will not be permitted to include or exclude prescription drug coverage services provided by Medicare, in between this mentioned period. This means like if you are at present registered to the Advantage plan schemes of Medicare that offers the service of Prescription drug coverage, then you will be allowed to swap to the normal plans of Medicare. Nevertheless, you will also have to enroll for any Prescription drug coverage scheme of Medicare.

In case you are interested to know more about the Advantage plans, prescription drug coverage options and the other subsidiary services of Medicare that are accessible near to your residential area, then contact the local Medicare offices that are present in your region. You can also evaluate the various benefits of the Advantage plans with the normal plans by logging in to the official website of Medicare, i.e. Even you can phone in to their official toll free number which is 800-633-4227. On selecting the ideal policy for yourself, you are required to meet the Medicare administrator and enquire about the dates and processes of registration. Just after your registration is complete, your chosen Medicare plan will inform you about the time of initiation of your Medicare coverage services.

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