Family Health Insurance

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Medical Emergency and urgency can come irrespective of the fact of how good your health condition is. Therefore if you donít have a complete family coverage, one emergency can cost you quite a lot.

Group / Employer Policies

Often employers provide insurance to you and your family, in consideration of a fee which is deducted directly from your check, an insurance policy can be signed off by you.

Even when you are covered under a group medical insurance policy through your employer, you need to pay, around 1/4th of the medical costs, depending on the plan and insurer. Therefore it is important to find out, that, what your employer-medical insurance covers and what it does not. This would atleast save you from unexpected surprises.

When we take up a job wherein group coverage is available, generally there is a waiting period which varies for 90-120 days; however there are cases wherein there is immediate acceptance.

In regards to extending the coverage to spouse and children, the same waiting period will apply. However you should always compare plans if your spouse is also eligible for family insurance before adding spouse and children to your group insurance plan. Extent of coverage and the rates can differ from employer to employer since, different group policies are chosen from different insurance companies.

A typical family plans will generally cover most pregnancy expenses.

As long as the newborn baby is added within a specific time frame, he/she would be covered under the plan. Once the children are close to his/her 18th birthday, it is important to check the expiry date of the coverage. However, some insurance plans cover children until the age of 21 or 25 also.

As discussed earlier you should take out details of extent of coverage, co-payments, deductibles, etc from your employer or the concerned insurer.

Following are some items which are not covered in a typical insurance plan.

  • Non-prescribed medicines
  • Comfort items
  • Cosmetic and sex-change operations
  • Abortions by choice
  • Experimental treatments

A comprehensive study of your plan from your employer or insurer will actually answers all questions in details.

Online Insurance Quotes

Comparing different plans in the market is definitely the first step towards choosing a complete family health insurance plan, if you need to buy one.

Generic questions to be answered are: Age, Weight, Smoking Habits, Height, Spouse information, Zip Code, children information and medical history. Medical history would generally include, family background, diseases like cancer and current medications.

Please refrain from sites which require for social security number, because these sites might conduct credit ratings, which might affect your credit score. Also giving out phone numbers should be avoided.

Finally, it is important to note that these quotes are only an estimate and cannot be held as a final amount which would be required to be paid for the policy. There would be some companies which would require a complete study of your medical history and also conduct medical examinations before providing a final quote. Hiding any relevant information might affect the rates and coverage extent. A complete understanding of the full program is very important before signing off.

Senior Health Insurance QuotesClick for FREE Insurance Quotes

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