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It has been observed through researches and surveys that there has been a sudden increase in number of seniors in the United States primarily due to two reasons. Firstly the Baby Boomers (people who were born post World War 2) have reached and are continuing to reach the 60 years of age and secondly the average life expectancy rate of average American has gone up.

Under such circumstances, it is very important for people who are approaching the old age to think about the long years they’re going to live post-retirement.

Here is where Long Term Care Insurance becomes very important to anybody and everybody who wants to make provisions for self and near ones during their silver years.

Long Term Care Insurance primarily covers:

  • Professional assistance in day-to-day activities such as mobility, eating, bathing etc.
  • Care provided for patients suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  • Skilled nursing services and rehabilitation procedure in a nursing home or at home.


One should start thinking about a long term insurance, especially when there are signs of degeneration in physical or mental health, which might require constant special care at home or a nursing facility in future.

Many insurance providers provide extended care coverage along with the conventional insurance covers. Therefore the best place to start looking for one with which a person has his other insurance plans. It is important to note at this stage, that Medicaid does not provide such coverage.

It requires some kind of considerable research and findings before we can actually chose a supplementary insurance like LTC which fits our needs and budgets and also does not overlap the covers provided by our regulation insurance plans.

It is also important to note that there are no standardized norms governing LTC policies. For example there are policies which provide cover in terms of a certain fixed amount as per day care. Others provide the same as percentage of costs incurred. The second option in this case is beneficial since the amount will rise in times when inflation rises.


Since there are no standardized norms for a LTC policy, certain objective measures are difficult ascertain. However, following is brief checklist which might guide you to purchase the correct Insurance Plan:

  • The benefits of such plan is only effective after 90-180 days after purchase of the policy therefore it is important to know check when you need the policy to work.
  • Policy should have benefits to cover expenses for services like cooking, dressing or bathing which are also called “ADL” activities, since there are situations where seniors are unable to perform these activities.
  • Skilled and unskilled services are different in terms of cost. Therefore a policy should also have a differentiation for the same.
  • Duration of the policy term is an important consideration, since it is very critical to be aware of the our own status of health and if there is a chance of recurrence of the disease leading to further extended care.
  • Different types of facilities are covered by the benefits of a policy. Therefore it is important to know the different facilities in order to select a policy.
  • Conditions for renewal of the policy is also important and it should be checked that the renewal premiums are not exorbitant, since if the renewal becomes due at a stage when we are unwell, then paying of premium, will become difficult.

Evading Fraudulent Situations:

Through multiple investigations it has been found out that senior citizens due to their insecurity over old age and high costs of treatment have been vulnerable to fake insurance agents.

Following are a few common methods used to mis-sell insurance plans:

  • Creating a false and negative image about high expenses in nursing homes, and providing commitment that applying for extended care coverage will solve problems, which is actually not rue since extended care coverage provides only a part cover of such expenses.
  • Giving a wrong picture in regards to the qualification procedure for availing cover by saying that doctor’s note would be good enough for the qualification. In reality such qualification takes place after proper and stringent verification of a lot of factors.

Long Term Care Insurance can be an excellent safeguard for us and our families, providing it is taken with considerable precaution and evaluation. Reading on various details and norms of policies are necessary before taking a policy. This would ensure the due security and protection.

Senior Health Insurance QuotesClick for FREE Insurance Quotes

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