Some of the preventive services provided by Medicare

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People who subscribe to Medicare can receive coverage for a complete preliminary physical checkup just after enrollment. The coverage for such an introductory service is available for once only. The following report summarizes these preliminary healthcare checkups.

Just after registration every person who has subscribed for Medicare is entitled for getting coverage for a preliminary health checkup. This health checkup will also cover diagnosis of heart syndromes, diabetic disorders and others.

The preliminary physical checkup

Those customers, the coverage of whose Medicare Part B commenced from Jan 1 of the year 2005 are only entitled to get a preliminary health check up facility that is available for once only. This health test is popularly called "Welcome to Medicare" test. The customers of Medicare will be allowed to undergo the health examination within the first six months of getting their Medicare program, after which no further requests for recommencing of the test will be accepted from those who have missed the opportunity. This health test constitutes of the following services:

  • A complete health assessment of the individual.
  • Necessary prescription for any health treatment/medications/diagnosis/shots would be provided to the individual if required, depending on the reports of the health assessment.
  • Recommendations for further treatment or therapies will also be provided, if required by the individual on review of the health assessment data.

In case, you have subscribed to Medicare then whatever services that are recommended by your Medicare provider, you will need to spend 20% of the total price of the Medicare's approved sum. In addition to this, you must also fill up the required value of your deductible, that is mentioned in your Medicare's Part B segment.

When the initial physical health checkup will be conducted, the doctor will closely analyze your health condition, medical background and will also ask you to undergo blood pressure tests, obesity tests, diabetic tests and others. In addition to these things, your vision will also be checked by the doctor. In order to measure your cardiac electrical movements, you may also have to undergo electrocardiogram. Plus, the doctor will also make sure whether you have taken the required preventive shots at respective seasons to get protected from different virus attacks.

Also, the doctor will advise you on how to stay aware from various diseases and take the required preventive measures. Tips on health development and disease diagnosis will also be given to you. In case you request for further services, the doctor will provide you with a prescription mentioning the requirement of treatment, therapies or shots needed to be taken by you.

You will be issued a letter after you have subscribed to the Medicare Plan B features. This letter will inform you about the date and place where you will be needed to go for the preliminary health check up. So you must remain equipped with your medical fact file, certain documents, and information etc. before the day of your health exam. Some of the things mentioned below must be kept with you for the day:

  • The different types of prescription drugs that you use at present.
  • Your entire medical fact file informing about your health condition, medical history, treatment taken, diseases or injuries faced and their required prevention and all others. This is very must required if the doctor you are referred is new.
  • Also get your family medical records. Such information will enable the doctor to analyze the possibilities of any disorders or syndromes that may occur in you, probably at a later stage of life and thereby help him/her to take the required medications.

Diagnosis of Cardiac disorders and diabetes check

Once you get Medicare you are eligible for diagnosis of heart disorders and diabetes, cardiac screenings, blood sugar level and cholesterol level reviews and checkups. You will be able to get financial coverage on these checkups once in every 5 years. You are not required to make any copayment or pay the deductible in order to become eligible for these types of checkups and diagnosis.

Medicare provides coverage for blood sugar level check up in order to analyze the occurrence or would be occurrence of diabetes in your body. In case doctors find out that you are susceptible to diabetic threats very soon, then you will get cover for the required screenings. But you will be then only be considered in the threat level of diabetes, if you fall prey to any of the disorders mentioned below:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Anomaly in cholesterol and triglyceride rates commonly known as Dyslipidemia

So as per the condition of your health, Medicare will provide financial coverage for any of the two checkups mentioned above every year. This is doubly beneficial to you as you are also exempted from paying any copayment or deductible as mentioned in your Part B section of the Medicare. In addition to this, you may also get coverage for your prescription drugs, glucose level analyzing monitors and other required medical supplies. Plus, Medicare will also provide you adequate instructions and preventive measures so that you can protect yourself from various disorders.

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