The AARP United Health Care Joint Venture

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AARP and United Health Care are two of the largest organizations in the United Sates which years ago jointly collaborated to provide health care services to a large section of the population who are seniors.


It is the largest organization in the US which is dedicated to assist people of the age of 50 and above. Seniors trust AARP more than any other organization, in terms of health care services.

AARP can be considered as a strong voice for seniors and hence more and more seniors are taking membership into AARP.

Most importantly it provides a lot of discounts on a number of essential services.

United Health Care

United Health Care has been in the business of providing quality insurance coverage for more than thirty years. One of the most recognized and respected in not only the United States but also in some international countries as well. United Health Care consists of several millions of people within their network.

Functions of Medical Insurance AARP United Health Care

Following are some of the offers that the collaboration of these companies is as follows:

Medicare RX Plans- This plan is only provided through AARP by United Health Care. This plan is targeted at protecting members from a substantial amount of prescription bills.

Personal Health Insurance Plans- This plan is available to AARP members at a considerably discounted price than at market prices. United Health Care also provides this plan in some selected states.

AARP also provides discounted medical supplies through a company named Prescription Solutions, run by United Health Care. Under this offer, medical products like diabetes testing or respiratory products are available on discounts.

Programs offered through AARP and United Health Care actually helps a lot of seniors, who otherwise struggle to pay for medical services such as physician fees, medicines and prescription bills.

AARP members who are also eligible for Medicare benefits can also avail benefits under any of the above plans.

More information can be available from the websites of AARP and United Health Care. However following are some of the exclusive programs and discounts available to AARP members:

  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance

Following are some of the valuable information available on the United Health Care website, apart from its joint venture with AARP:

  • Health Information
  • General Health Information
  • Guide to choose a health insurance plan
  • Facility for contacting representatives is also available on the sites in addition to business contacts

Membership Required

United Health Care offers insurance plans and coverage to everybody and it is definitely not imperative for a senior to be an AARP member to be eligible for availing a United Health Care policy.

However offers for AARP members will only be available if one is a member of AARP.

AARP membership is quite affordable as is the many discounts available to the members. However discounts on insurance plans is just one of the features that the joint venture of AARP and United Health Care provides; the best thing that they provide is quality Health Insurance coverage in terms of money and extent of coverage on rising costs of medical services exclusively for seniors.

Senior Health Insurance QuotesClick for FREE Insurance Quotes

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