California is bad at insuring women:MyQuickInsurance.Com, Inc.

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California is bad at insuring women

California is bad at insuring women

California received a very low grade a "D" for their health insurance for women, even though it is considered as a state thatís very well conscious of the womenís health. This may seem shocking to many people because of Californiaís reputation of health awareness but the truth is that in California there are the most uninsured groups of women:

- 37% of the women from the ages of 19 to 24 are uninsured.

- Many of the women from the ages of 55 to 64 lost health insurance because of retirement.

- 35% of the Latinas are uninsured.

- 28% Asians/Pacific Islanders are uninsured.

- 25% Women of the Black race are uninsured.

- 47% of Latina immigrants and 37% of Asian immigrants are under-insured.

- Lack of spousal benefits for unmarried couples.

On the other hand, not all states are the same path as California. There are states that received the top position both in the United States as well as internationally. The top 8 states are:

- Hawaii

- Washington

- Utah

- Alaska

- Oregon

- Arizona

- California

- Nevada

-California is number 7 on this list that means that the ratings aren't high at all. The United States isnít doing very well with insuring women.

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