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Preffered Provider Organizations

Preffered Provider Organizations

PPO Health Insurance Plans are similar to that of HMO Plans but on Health Insurance scale it lies between HMO’s & pure fee-for-service Plans. The members of PPO are granted a great degree of choice in providers. PPO Health Insurance Plans work on a similar line as an HMO does. Like an HMO, PPO members also have to pay a fixed monthly premium & in return the Health Insurance Company & its Health Care Networks provide basic medical benefits.

But unlike HMO, PPO differs from the original HMO blueprint. In PPO Insurance Plan a primary care physician or “gate keeper” physician is not required, so a referral from specialist is not necessary.

If one needs Health Care from outside the network then one has to pay a higher premium then if the provider were from within the PPO network. With this Plan one will probably pay for one’s health care service but it will be re-imbursed by the Health Insurance Company.

Advantages of PPO Plans:-

1. Choice of Doctors.

2. No primary care physician gateway

3. Better coverage for chronic conditions & non-traditional machines.

Disadvantages of PPO Plans:-

1. More expensive then HMO

2. More paperwork’s.

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