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Temporary Auto Insurance

Temporary Auto Insurance

Whenever a new driver will be taking over driving responsibilities of a vehicle chances of accident and damage rises so in the wake of situation temporary auto insurance is ideal for temporary car ownerships, vacation driving and during a few days. Depending upon the insurerís need the temporary car insurance will protect with liability or full coverage policies. Many top companies offer temporary auto insurance, like AIG Insurance, Progressive Insurance, and Geico Insurance.

Why is it advisable to purchase temporary car insurance?

- You donít want to be stuck with the bill if you have an accident when driving off the showroom floor.

- A temporary driver may not be covered on your existing policy. So if your niece is driving you a thousand miles to your cabin in the mountains, then you may want a temporary car insurance policy.

- Are you particularly concerned your car my get destroyed in a hurricane this season? Maybe a temporary car insurance policy would do you good. Just make sure the coverage is adequate to help appease your fears.

In general six months is the standard term for a normal policy but many temporary car insurance policies are drafted for weeks rather than for a longer period. For the convenience, often times the premium rate for a temporary car insurance policy is far greater than the pro-rated annual policy. The temporary auto insurance policy can provide liability coverage or full coverage, depending on the insurerís needs. Temporary car insurance can be the right answer for your insurance needs.

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